International Shipping

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A Theorie Formulated To Explain International Shipping

We know you would like to get your parcels fast, so please read Theorie’s international shipping policy to avoid any delay.

Once your order has been received and processed, it will ship within 72 business hours. During a sale event, please allow additional time for the processing and shipment of your order.

Minimum order value before duties and import taxes are applied
Not all orders are subject to duties and import taxes. Many countries or regions have a minimum order value called a de minimis before duties and import taxes apply. The following table provides some examples of de minimis values.

The de minimis is different for each country or region, and some have specific rules that affect the de minimis value depending on where the shipment originates. For example, goods that are shipped into Canada from Mexico or the United States are subject to duties if the goods are valued at $150 CAD or more, and subject to import taxes if the goods are valued at $40 or more.

If you're not sure what the de minimis value is for the country or region that you ship to, then check the website of that country or region's tax authority, or consult a local tax expert.

Shipping (Domestic)

United States
Automic shipping rate generated for all orders up to USD$50.00
FREE Shipping for all orders above USD$50.00
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Local Pickup
24 / 7 (almost) Local pickup option is available. Once the order is ready for pickup (usually between 2-3 hours), you will receive an email confirmation.
For urgent pickup, please use the chat with us form to send us a message.
Pickup address:

International Shipping
International Shipping

The Billing address must be a physical address and not a P.O.Box.
Please provide a mobile number (+ country code xxx xxx xxx) as a contact, first time shoppers will receive a text message to verify the order and delivery details.

Australia Shipping
Automic shipping rate generated for all orders up to USD$126.00
USD$75.99 for all orders USD$129.00 - USD$350.00
FREE for all orders above USD$350.00

New Zealand Online Tracking:
Automic shipping rate generated for all orders up to A$126.00
USD$75.99 for all orders USD$129.00 - USD$350.00
FREE for all orders above A$350.00

International Online Tracking Canada:
Automic shipping rate generated for all orders up to USD$75.00
USD$27.99 for all orders up to USD$75.00
USD$23.99 for all orders USD$100.00 - USD$169.00
USD$15.99 for all orders USD$170.00 - USD$250
FREE for all orders above USD$250.00

International Online Tracking EU & UK:
Automic shipping rate generated for all orders up to A$100.00
USD$31.99 for all orders up to USD$100.00
USD$27.99 for all orders A$129.00 - USD$169.00
USD$19.99 for all orders USD$169.00 - USD$229
FREE for all orders above USD$229.00

International Online Tracking Rest of the World:
Automic shipping rate generated for all orders up to A$129.00
USD$75.99 for all orders USD$129.00 - USD$199.00
USD$19.99 for all orders above USD$350

International Online Tracking + Signature
We highly recommend using this option for international shipping. All parcels with 'Signature On Delivery' meaning your parcel will not be left if there is nobody available to sign for the parcel. By not choosing 'Signature On Delivery,' you accept that we cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage to a parcel. We highly recommend 'Signature On Delivery' and having your parcel delivered to an address such as a work address where there will be someone to accept the delivery during business hours.

International Express Shipping rate at the checkout
All International Express Shipping includes 'Signature On Delivery

Australia / Canada / Asia / EU / UK delivery time up to 4 Weeks (Express 8 - 15 days)

Rest of the world, delivery time is up to 5 Weeks (Express 10 - 18 days)

Delivery time is an estimate only.

All orders receive an email with a tracking number so you can easily track your order. Delivery times may vary during sales or peak periods due to high order volumes. Packaging is unbranded and sent under the name HAUTEHOUSE Brands, LLC.

Delivery claim - If your parcel hasn’t been delivered by the expected time or you’re worried it’s gone missing, let us know as soon as you can. Please note that USPS will start investigating after 28 days of dispatch, and it can take up to 28 days to receive a report.

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Duties and import taxes

We do our best to collect duties and import taxes at checkout. This means we ship our products as Delivered duty paid (DDP). This term indicates that the seller (Theorie) assumes responsibility for any import costs that might be payable when goods cross borders, such as duties, import taxes, or brokerage/disbursement fees.

We make a conscious effort and do our best to ensure a smooth delivery experience. However, occasionally, customs fees and taxes on orders may be charged by the destination country. These charges must be paid for by the person receiving the parcel. If delivery is refused, all costs incurred for the return of goods will be charged to the customer. Theorie has no control over customs policies and charges, which can vary from country to country. For further information, we recommend you contact your local customs office. If you receive your parcel and have been charged by your local customs office, please contact us directly, and we will deduct the charge from your previous order.

International shipping agreement
Note: International shipping agreements are used in the transportation of goods between the buyer (you) and the seller (us). These agreements determine who takes responsibility for the goods while they're in transit.

The following are the two most common agreements:

Cost, insurance, freight (CIF). This agreement indicates that the seller assumes insurance and other costs until the goods are received by the seller.

Free on board (FOB). This agreement indicates that insurance and other costs are assumed by the buyer as soon as the goods have been shipped.

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