Ethical Formulations: A Testament to Theorie's Purity and Elegance

At Theorie, our commitment to ethical beauty began from day one, setting a gold standard in the industry. Long before global mandates, we pledged against animal testing, ensuring every creation is a harmonious blend of art and conscience.

Our formulations are a celebration of nature's finest, exclusively using ingredients that are responsibly sourced and completely devoid of animal derivatives. Industry favorites like beeswax and lanolin are notably absent from our repertoire, making our entire range proudly vegan.

Our Research and development team embodies our dedication to purity and excellence. Each ingredient undergoes a rigorous evaluation, ensuring global compliance and ethical sourcing. This meticulous process reflects our commitment to delivering luxury without compromise.

In line with our ethos, Theorie's Ethical Sourcing Programme is a cornerstone of our brand. It guarantees that our suppliers not only share our environmental values but also uphold the highest standards of worker dignity and safety. We believe in fostering long-term relationships with partners who mirror our commitment to sustainable and ethical production.

Packaging Ethos: Theorie's Commitment to Minimalist Elegance

Our packaging philosophy remains steadfast: functional, modest, and eco-conscious. In a daring yet thoughtful move, we chose plastic over glass for some of our packaging. This decision, rooted in practicality, also acknowledges the lesser-known environmental benefits of plastic.

We primarily use recycled PET, composed of a minimum of 97% recycled materials. This choice significantly reduces our environmental footprint, aligning with our commitment to sustainable luxury.

By the end of 2021, a remarkable 89% of our plastic bottles were crafted from recycled PET. Our Sustainable Packaging Roadmap ambitiously aims for at least 50% recycled content across our plastic packaging by 2027, marking another milestone in our journey of responsible luxury.

Circular Economy: Embracing Sustainability at Theorie

From our very first product, Theorie has been mindful of waste. Our packaging refill trial invites customers to join us in reducing their carbon footprint. Our reusable glass bottles, refillable at our custom dispensary machines, are a testament to our commitment to a regenerative future.

This initiative is a step towards Theorie becoming a fully regenerative brand, blending sustainability with the luxury our customers cherish.

Virtual Presence and Ethical Distribution: Theorie's Modern Approach to Sustainability

In lieu of physical storefronts, Theorie embraces a modern, eco-conscious approach to retail. Our online storefront and network of esteemed distributors exemplify our commitment to minimizing environmental impact and reducing operational overheads. This strategic choice reflects Theorie's dedication to sustainable luxury and aligns with our ethos of responsible beauty.

Our online presence is designed to provide an immersive, elegant experience, allowing customers to explore and purchase our products with minimal environmental footprint. The digital platform is an extension of our brand's sophistication, offering a seamless, refined shopping experience that mirrors the elegance of our products.

Collaborating with like-minded distributors, Theorie ensures that each product reaches our discerning customers through channels that share our values of ethical business practices and environmental responsibility. This network not only extends our global reach but does so with a mindful approach to resource use and waste reduction.

This strategy of combining a robust online presence with selective distribution ensures that Theorie maintains its luxury status while championing the cause of sustainability. It's a testament to our belief that true beauty and environmental stewardship can, and should, coexist seamlessly.

Climate Action: Theorie's Urgent Response to Climate Crisis

In response to the climate crisis, Theorie has embarked on a mission to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2021, our operations have been carbon-neutral, and we're expanding these efforts daily.

Social Impact: Theorie's Enduring Legacy of Community Support

At Theorie, our philanthropy goes beyond donations. We partner with charities that uplift underrepresented communities, using our platform to amplify their voices and stories. Our commitment is to give back more than we take, nurturing relationships that extend far beyond monetary support